An Epic Historical Novel by Bill E Clarkson

Shabaikai is an ambitious historical novel, which begins in the ancient redwood forests of the Pomo Indians located on the shores of Russian River in Northern California. The Pomo called the river Shabaikai, meaning ‘crooked snake’ . The author takes the reader into 20th Century Mid-America with its labor strife, the violence of prohibition and organized crime, with a glimpse into the mysterious Bohemian Club at Russian River where the most powerful men in the world convene the last two weeks of every July for what President Herbert Hoover called the Worlds greatest men’s party. Combined with numerous true-to- life experiences of door-to-door salesmen, you will discover why these eclectic slices of life are merged to become a highly entertaining page-turner you will hate to put down.

An option for production rights to Shabaikai has been acquired by Clint Eastwood but so far there is no indication what direction that will take.


The Bohemian Club

“Site of the World’s Greatest Men’s Party”
where campfire cocktail conversations might turn into conspiracies affecting us all.

Richard Nixon, Ronald ReaganThis ambitious historical novel begins by taking the reader into the depths of the Russian River in Northern California, 20th Century labor strife, the violence of prohibition and organized crime together with a glimpse of the mysterious and fascinating Bohemian Club.

Pictured are Ronald Reagan to the left of the speaker and Richard Nixon to the right